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This is an example page for a customer portal. It will contain all relevent documents related to the project. Included items are manufacturer's manuals and data sheets, custom operating manuals for any custom built systems providedd and as-built drawings of the system. Drawings are updated if future work is performed to the system. If you ahe any questions regarding a client page please conplete a Contact Us form to receive a quick response.

This account page is custom designed for "Customer" (Your Name Here)

A Google email has been set up to send and recieve documentation for the A/V systems. Following is the documentation to access the account
Password: Sound@Video

Name: Contact
Recovery email:
DOB: 10-12-2000

FH Operating Manual 9-28-22: CHPC-FH-Manual-50977-9-28-22.pdf

Sanctuary Sequential Switching instructions: Sanct Sequential Switching Instruction Manual.pdf

Drawing: Current Revision of All Systems:  50775-R10-CHPC Sanct 3-20-23.pdf

Sanctuary Power Dwg. (Also included in 50775-revisions R8 & after): 50775-Power-CHPC Sanct 2-6-17-23.pdf


Furman CN-2400S Sequencer pdf

Sanctuary dbx4800 Audio Architect file Click Here

Fellowship Hall Audio Architect File:

Facebook Stream

URL:  rtmps://

Key: 3958804217483791?s_bl=1&s_psm=1&s_sc=3958804274150452&s_sw=0&s_vt=api-s&a=AbzM47lrCiT9pWsd

Fellowship Hall System:

Fellowship Hall System Manual  50868 Manual.pdf

Fellowship Hall Crown XLi-Datasheet  XLi_Data_Sheet_lowres_121914_original.pdf

Fellowship Hall BSS Blu-50 Datasheet  BLU-50_Data_Sheet_V2_original (6).pdf

Fellowship Hall  Furman CN-15MP Instructions  pdf_CN-15-20MP_manual (1).pdf

Fellowship Hall Furman PS-8R Manual  ps-8r_manual.pdf

Fellowship Hall Renkus-Heinz DC12/2 Datasheet dc12-2-data-r1-2.pdf

Fellowship Hall EASE Presentation:  50868 EasePresentation.pdf


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