Steps to purchasing Great Systems
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Steps to Purchasing A Great System

We believe every project requires a complete understanding of how the facility is going to be used and what system design will be best meet all of the needs of the user(s). In order to provide a final product to meet the desired goals we work closely with the user(s) to explore exactly how the facility is used. There are several steps that we take with the user to arrive at the end system design.

Initial Introductory Meeting

Needs Assessment Meeting(s)

Design Concept Presentation

Additional Concept Reviews As Needed

Presentation Of Budget

Contract Signing

  • Initial Introductory Meeting: During this meeting we need with the principles of the project, listen to the stated goals, tour the facility or review the plans and co-ordinate steps to be taken along with setting a time line.

  • Needs Assessment Meeting(s): We attempt to have time with each user of the facility to discuss exactly how they will use the new technology for that space. Item of interest include but are not restricted to:

  • Will the system be used primarily for spoken word of for music presentation? If for music, will there be live presentations or playback of preprogrammed materials? If used for live presentations, how many instrumentalists and vocalists?

  • Design Concept Meeting: After the needs and applications have been determined Sound Concepts staff will put together a presentation including proposed system design and equipment requirements. We will then meet with the customer and go over the details and make any modifications necessary to make the final project meet the goals and expectations for the project

  • Presentation of Budget: Once the concept has been developed we will assemble a budget for the project and present it to the customer. If needed we will modify the project to bring the scope in line with the budgetary needs of the project.

  • Contract Signing: After budgetary considerations have been satisfied a contract is drawn up and the customer and Sound concepts representitive will sign in agreement to the terms.

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