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Bethel Baptist Church

Bethel Baptist Church Exterior Picture 

Bethel Baptist is a church serving the Walnut Hills community in Cincinnati, Ohio for many decades. The system originally installed in the church was very old, possibly the only system ever in the building. To visit the church's web site, click on the picture above.

Bethel Baptist Church Sanctuary Interior Picture 

This historic sanctuary was extended with a new chancel many years ago. The new sound system design called for a center speaker to be added to provide clear coverage at each seat. We upgraded the system to a new point source configuration. A single speaker was installed for the main NAVE as shown below.

Bethel Baptist Church Sanctuary Main Renkus-Heinz Loudspeaker 

A single high quality Renkus-Heinz speaker was suspended in the center of the chancel over the front steps positioned to minimize feedback and maximize coverage to the closest listeners while providing adequate and even coverage to the far listeners.

On the left side of the chancel there is what is essentially a second Nave. A Renkus-Heinz fill speaker was installed to cover that area. An appropriate delay was applied to provide proper time alignment.


A dual mix station was added to provide a separate mix for the house and the recording. Shown here is the Front Of House Soundcraft mix location.


Shown here is the record mix location with the record rack to the immediate right of the engineer. A mirror Soundcraft Mixer was provided.


The record rack houses the CD and cassette recorders and the compressor/limiter devices.


A rack under the Front Of House location houses the CD and cassette playback units, wireless mics and the compressor/limiter devices.


Covers were provided for the mixing consoles when not in use.


The main house equipment rack is located in a remote location but easily accessible for maintenance.

Bethel Baptist Reference Letter 

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