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The church contacted us with concerns about intelligibility of the spoken work in the Sanctuary. After a site visit we recommended two options, both of which were required to correct the sound reinforcement issues. One factor was the extremely long reverberation time in the room and the second was a very poor audio system design. The church chose to address the reverberation first. After using two different computer modeling software applications a plan was decided on that would provide acoustic control of the space by reducing the reverberation or RT60 to within the acceptable range for a House of Worship presenting contemporary music.

The room was modeled in EASE software and an RT60 analysis run to determine what the actual delay time was and then run the analysis again after locating various materials and configurations in the room. Below is a chart of the measurements showing the room untreated, the room with 24 panels and the room with 32 panels

RT 60 chart

It can be seen that the RT60 at the highest time point was 3.71 seconds at 250Hz using the Eyring formula, 3.79 seconds using the Sabine calculations. Using the Fitzroy calculations from a second modeling software indicated a high of 4.45 seconds at 1KHz. The modeling indicated that using 32 Auralex 4'x4'x2" fabric covered panels we could reduce the RT60 on all three measurement methods to within our desired range with a mx range of 1.8 - 2.0 seconds. The real world result proved that the calculations and design indeed made a very big difference in the quality of the listening experience for the listener.  

The final design called for 32 Auralex 4ft x 4ft x 2In fabric cover fiberglass panels to be distributed on the side and rear walls of the room. An additional benefit of this installation is that the panels mounted on the rear wall effectively breaks up the early reflections from the current speakers which are located and aimed in such a way as to push an excessive amount of sound into that wall area.

Left Side Wall  Rear Wall  Right Side 200

Additional pictures:

Left Corner  Rear Near  Rt Corner 200

Tile 200  Lift 1 200  Lift 2 200

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