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Projection System Design and Installation

Proper design of a projection is critical to a quality viewing experience for the audience. Proper screen size and location create a viewing environment that encourages audience participation with the event. Poorly located, incorrectly sized or poor image quality are all things that contribute to a viewer "tuning out" of the event. We can provide quality design and installation of projection systems for Houses of Worship, classroom, conference room and any other environment where visual presentation is part of the event.


In this worship space three screens have been installed. the system allows for each screen to have a different image or for the center screen to be different from the side screens depending on the desires of the artistic director.


For this application the church wanted to be able to have the screen hidden during some events and exposed during others. A motorized screen was incorporated into the grid covering the organ pipes allowing for a quality presentation regardless of the configuration for any event.


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