St Timothy Episcopal Anderson Hills Ohio Sound Design Installation
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St Timothy Episcopal Church


St Timothy's is a church serving the Anderson, Cherry Grove and surrounding areas of Cincinnati. The existing system in the church was desinged a basic voice only application. A totally new system was designed and installed to improve clairty in this very live Sanctuary. To visit the church's web site, click here or on the picture above.


The Nave is a beautiful room with contrasting woods with a marble floor. Since there are no acoustically damping materials in the space, reinforcing  A center speaker was added to provide clear coverage at each seat. We upgraded the system to a new point source configuration. A single speaker was installed for the main NAVE


Three Renkus- Heinz cabinets were installed, one facing toward the main seating area and one each to the side seating areas.

A single Renkus-Heinz cabinet was positioned toward the rear of the room to provide clarity to the far listeners. Due the the extreme reverberation in the room and the dirtetion of the roof line projecting sound away from the listeners, propogating sound over a long distance with clarity was a challenge. Unfortunately, the level of clarity we wished to achieve was not possible with the budget available.


Immeidately poutside the main entrance to the Nave is an area called the Gathering Place. A single Renkus-Heinz cabinet was provided for coverage in that area. The appropriate time delay was applied so that persons can transition between the Sanctuary and the Gathering Place without noticing and delay in the sound delivery.


A small equipment rack was utilized to house the electronics. A Soundcraft Ui series mixer was provided utilizing iPad control which allows mixing to be done from any location in the room. Wireless mics were provided including an antenna splitter device with remotly located antennas. A multi-channelCrown power amplifier was included to power the speakers.


This room was particularly problematic in terms of radio frequencies, both for the wireless mic systems and the Wi-Fi. The possible cause is a large public safety communication facility across the street. A special long range Wi-Fi antenna was installed to be able to overcome the signal loss so that the iPad could controll the mixer from any location in the room. A significant amount of tweaking was required to have adequate coverage from the mic transmitters as well.


Due to the recent installation of marble tile on the floor, a lift large enough to reach the 34 ft working height could not be used so a single tower scaffold had to be built


The speakers were located close to each other so as to provide the least amount of phase issues possible.


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