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Community of the Transfiguration Worship Space: Oratory

Blue Ash Council  

This beautiful worship space was designed in the round with warmth and intimacy in mind however the design does not allow for clear propagation of sound throughout the space. The combination of a dome and a round wall design establishes a space where sound waves continue to bounce around the room creating a situation where spoken word is reasonably unintelligible at most locations. Because of the beauty of the room it was decided that no significant change could be made to the appearance of the dome. We added Auralex acoustic panels located around the room to further absorb sound reducing the time sound stayed in the room. The panels were color coordinated with the carpet and was installed creating an image of the cross between them.

Dome  Rear Wall  Dome 2


If your venue is experiencing audience members indicating that they are having a hard time understanding what is being said, contact us for a no obligation evaluation.



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