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Faith Community United Methodist Church


Faith Community UMC is a growing church in the West Chester area of Cincinnati. the congregation chose to add a contemporary worship style service and began the venture utilizing the gym of the neighboring school. The decision was made to put an addition on the existing building to provide a multipurpose room and additional classrooms which would also house the successful new worship service. To visit the church's web site, click on the picture above.


Sound Concepts was consulted to determine the proper design and equipment for the audio system and a two screen presentation system. The facility was already under construction so there were constraints already in place so the design would have to accomodate compromises in order to provide the best possible solution for the varied applications.

A point source cluster from Renkus-Heinz was selected to provide audio coverage for the room when used as a performance area. The cluster that was finally chosen covered nearly all of the seating areas with compromises to the extreme front seating areas due to budgetary constraints. Coverage for the main portion of the seating area was very even given that the room is basically a gym with minimal acoustic control. Due to the low ceiling height on the stage, side positions were selected for the presentation screens. The stage design allowed for rear projection. The space behind the screens were painted totally black eliminating any reflected light to interfere with the image on the screen. Special lenses were supplied to provide the larger image size at the fairly short focal distance. A small theatrical lighting system was installed to provide a basic light wash across the stage area. Additional lighting will be required in the future if true theatrical lighting is to be accomodated.


The mix staton was located in an upper level booth, a decision that was already determined before Sound Concepts was engaged in the design discussion. A 32 channel Soundcraft Console was provided.

The off-board equipment was installed in three racks easily reached by the audio engineer and the presentaton system operator who is located to the right of the racks. The rack houses a Marantz tape deck for playback, a Marantz deck for recording and an HHR deck for CD recording. Also housed in the rack are the Sennheiser wireless mic receivers, dbx processor, sequential switching - power conditioning and other gear. The right side rack holds the Extron seamless video switcher and other gear.

The power amps are housed in one of the projection rooms

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