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Christ Church Ft Thomas, KY

Christ Church Ft Thomas Exterior

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At the end of the first service using the new system a parishioner was heard to say "I have attended thes church for many years. This is the first time I could understand everything that was said" Following are some descriptions of features of the design and inplementation of the new system.  

Christ FT Nave 

This church had an issue with excessive reverberation resulting in unintelligible spoken word at some locations. The previous system had 4 loudspeakers covering the seating area with a subwoofer mounted to the rear wall. With multiple misaligned speakers creating conflicting sound paths throughout the room clarity is severely compromised.

EASE Total 

An EASE model of the room was created in order to simulate the behavior of various loudspeakers within the room's environemnt. Shown here are two of the renderings that were used to determine the final speaker selection and location. Click here to find out more about EASE modeling:

CCFT spk close 

Using the EASE data we were able to model the room using different speaker cabinets to discover which one would best cover the seating area providing the least amount of early reflections or other anomalies. We discovered from the data presented that the best option for this room was point source central speaker. Due to the building architecture including a number of heavy beams across the area we needed to hang a speaker lower than we would have liked to avoid reflections off of the beams and nulls at the seats behind the beams. A Renkus-Heinz CX82 small format speaker with a wide angle coverage was chosen to give a reasonably even coverage across the area.


For more information on the Renkus-Heinz C line of speakers, click here.

CCFT Narthex Sp 

In an effort to provide sound for overflow in the Narthex area of the building we added a high quality Renkus-Heinz CX61. This speaker is time delayed so that the sound arriving from the Nave is supported by the Narthex speaker in proper time alignment.

Christ Church FT 

Due to occasional overflow seating in the balcony, a Renkus-Heinz fill speaker was added, including the appropriate time delay.

REnkus-Heinz Cx61 

For more information on the Renkus-Heinz C line of speakers, click here.

CCFT Amp Rack 

The system is operated using a Soundcraft Ui24 digital mixer with an iPad as the control surface.

UI24 Front 

The system can be controlled using a tablet, mobile phone or computer. For more information click here.

BSS Blu-50

A BSS Blu-50 DSP was used to equalize the speakers to the room as well as provide time delay for the Balcony and Narthex speakers. The BLU-50 also provides control for the signal going to the WilliamsA/V hearing assist system and to a sound system in the Fellowship Hall. Click here for more information.

Williams AV

A WilliamsA/V Wavecast network based hearing assist system was installed providing those who are hard of hearing with a clear sound either using the provided receiver and headphones, a Bluetooth connection or T-Coil configuration. Click here for more information.

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