Covenant Presbyterian Vandalia Oh System Details
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Covenant Presbyterian Church  Vandalia OH.

Covenant Main

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Sanctuary Main 

This space is used substantially for spoken word where reinforcement is needed. The reverberation times are long creating pockets in the seating areas where understanding sibilant sounds is difficult. Standard loudspeakers were previously employed that pushed sound upward as well as downward creating auxillary reflections from the vaulted and pitched ceiling areas exacerbating the problem.

EASE Total 

An EASE Model was created of the space and a number of different loudspeaker models were entered to evaluate which would best provide a clear reproduction of the original sounds and which would provide the best coverage to all seats expecially the locations which were difficult to cover. Click here to find out more about EASE room modeling.

Speaker tight

With consideration given to budget as well as how the system is to be used, it was decided to use the Renkus-Heinz UBX4 speakers as the mains. The precise vertical pattern control substantially reduced the hig frequency sounds reaching the ceiling areas and directing the correct amount sibilant sounds directly at the listener. The end result is a cohearant, clear and intelligable spoken word experience at every seat int he room. The cabinet's small size improved the esthetic of the space as an added benefit.

Renkus ubx4 

For more about the Renkus-Heinz UBX4 speaker system click here.

Rear Fill 

Covenant Fill Renkus cx61

The Sanctuary also has a seating area under a lower flat ceiling in the rear of the room. This space was particularly difficlut to cover on the far sides where phasing issues reuslted in nulls and odd reflections created seats where clarity was nonexistant. To improve the coverage in this area we added a Renkus-Heinz CX61 cabinet as a fill speaker.

Renkus cx61-B 

See the full specifications of this speaker here:

Comments by the church's audio engineer Dale Jackson: I thought the sound was perfect! We had great compliments on the sound throughout the house. People sitting far in the back and way up front as well as to the far sides were saying it sounded great! ......I also noticed some elderly people taking off their assisted listening devices to listen to the sound without the aid of the assisted devices. The pastor especially could really hear the better quality of the audio. 

driverack pa2 

A dbx Driverack PA2 was employed to equalize the speaker system and provide a delay for the rear fill speaker.

Crest Pwr Lite 3 

A Crest Pro-LITE 3 power amplifier was used to provide amplification for the speakers.

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